East Coast Symphony
East Coast Symphony is the premiere sales channel for the OMF Aircraft OMF-160 "Symphony" as well as the new 4 seat "Symphony 4" and the Diesel Symphony 135-TDI. We are delivering the 2003 FAA Certified OMF-160 Symphony and plan to deliver the Symphony 4 and the Symphony 135-TDI in 2004. The BRS parachute system is now available too. Download Symphony 160 Brochure (PDF file)

The Fun is Back..
Have you seen it? There's a new personal aircraft on the general aviation market, and it's making waves. OMF Aircraft is bulding a new two-seat single engine aircraft that makes flying fun again-the Symphony 160. This aircraft has been certified to new and stringent FAA Part 23 Rev. 26 specifications, and offers everything you want in personal transportation-sport good looks, performance and comfort. It's easy to fly, easy to land, and easy to maintain. It's also priced more affordably than anything else on the market.

If you just love to fly, and want to own something new and sleek, this is the aircraft that you have been waiting for. If you are looking to buy your first aircraft or want an aircraft with low capital and direct operating expenses, look no further than the Symphony 160. You have the freedom to pursue your other passions.

Come and discover what's new and fun in personal aircraft-the OMF Symphony160!

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